My attempt at American Gothic on a hot, human, 98 degree August day.  This is the best job I've ever had!
Farmer Jac is always nearby. She sits quietly under the lime tree and moves close while you are pinching zinnias or recording plant progress.  When you notice her, she shyly smiles and you're likely to get a touch of a wet nose or a quick lick.  Jacaranda had a rough life before coming to live with me and I'm so happy she is enjoying her older years hanging around the garden. The tropical Jacaranda tree, for which Jac is named, is associated with rebirth and the magic of spring. A perfect name for this sweet girl. Is that my ball of string you're smiling about, Jac?
Princess Miley Coyote is a notorious garden thief.  Under no circumstances should she be trusted around gloves, seed packets or drip line.  She's been caught swiping seedling trays. She's sneaky. If only I could grow eyes in the back of my head to watch this co-worker! Please don't laugh when she tip-toes across the morning dew and help her out when she flops on her back because she has a burr in her extraordinary tail.  Princess is a bit of a sissy and has a flare for the dramatic. Oh, Miley!  That's not a glove fit for a princess!
 Two Golden Flower Farm: Our Story
     I started Two Golden Flower Farm out of a   passion for growing.  I was raised in a plant addicted family. When I was a child, my first jobs were "outside" jobs; weeding, planting, raking, cutting, etc.  I was raised in Michigan, so there was an urgency to use the few short months of warmth and sunshine to its fullest.  On most weekends in the summer, something was being planted, built, or beautified in our yard. 
     There was a little plot of earth near the front porch of the first house I live in.  That little space was mine to plant in any way I wished! I don't remember what I planted, but I do remember loving that tiny garden. Like so many connections we make early in life, my connection to gardening has never left me.
     Time danced on, and before I knew it I was married with children.  I was around 30 years old when we left the great state of Michigan and move south to sunny Florida.  I had to throw out almost everything I knew about gardening and start over.  It wasn't easy those first few years.  I couldn't quite face the fact that what grows beautifully up north, like hosta and peonies, will not grow in the Sunshine State no matter how nice you talk to it!
     Eventually, I got some southern gardening mojo and my yard began to come together.  I learned that I could grow some of the things I love in my youth, I just had to change the seasonal timing.  I learned that Florida offers a gardener some amazing blooms that last for weeks, and as a bonus, I didn't have to squeeze all my gardening joy into 4 months!  My love for gardening had no end and as my life became busier and more complicated, the garden offered me a break from life's noise and allowed me the chance to relax and reflect. 
     Time moved forward again, and I found myself thinking about "What I wanted to do when I'm old."  Now, I wouldn't consider myself old, but I know how fast time goes, and I want to be ready for what's next.  
     "Do what you love!" That's the standard advice. I knew that some kind of gardening adventure was in the running, and a little bird persuaded me that growing flowers could be a very satisfying journey.  So here I am, working on growing local, naturally grown flowers with two golden retrievers (hence the name) and a loving, supportive family.
     Thank you for stopping by the site and reading my story.  Please don't hesitate to contact me.
        Happy Growing!
        Sandy, Miley and Jacaranda
        Flower Farmers